Out of all of the collectibles in Lost Ark, the most numerous by far are the Mokoko Seeds. There are over 1,000 of them spread across the game, hidden in every nook and cranny. Finding all of the small, green seeds can prove to be quite the task.

On Revelry Row, there are two Mokoko Seeds to find. Revelry Row is a small island where players dance, then dance some more. Once you find a seed, simply approach it and interact with it to collect it.

Where to find all Mokoko Seeds on Revelry Rowd in Lost Ark

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

Both of the Mokoko Seeds on this island are easy to find. They’re lightly obscured but otherwise ripe and ready to be collected. This island doesn’t disappear, so you can go to Revelry Row whenever you want to collect these seeds.

There are no enemies on Revelry Row, and there’s no PvP, so there’s nothing to interrupt your collecting, either. These two Mokoko Seeds are free to collect. Pick them up, then have a quick celebration dance on the dance floor.

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