In Lost Ark, Mokoko Seeds are one of the most abundant collectibles you can find. They are a dark green color and glow an even brighter green once you’ve interacted with them. Some are really easy to find, while others are a little trickier and require different prerequisites to be completed beforehand. In total, there are eight Mokoko Seeds to seek out and collect in Unfinished Garden within Yorn.

In order to gain access to the continent of Yorn, you need to have reached Tier 2 and have an Item Level of at least 600. All of the Mokoko Seed locations are shown below and are circled in red.

Where to find all Mokoko Seeds in Unfinished Garden in Lost Ark

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

In order to obtain the Mokoko seed in the north of the map, you will need to drink Amazing Rum. It can be purchased from the wandering merchant Laitir in the same area. The Amazing Rum costs 1.4 million silver. You will also need to have learned the song Romantic Weapon beforehand in order to collect three of these seeds. Lastly, the seed in the southwest is being blocked by a barrier that can be destroyed with your regular attacks and abilities.

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