Lost Ark has numerous collectibles to find in its many different areas. However, none are as numerous as Mokoko Seeds. These small seeds look like fruit and have a green glow to them.

In Stern Underground, there is one Mokoko Seed to seek out and collect. This location is quite small and has several entrances from Stern. Here is the Mokoko Seed location in Stern Underground in Lost Ark.

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Where to find all Mokoko Seeds in Stern Underground in Lost Ark

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There is only a single Mokoko Seed in Stern Underground. This seed counts toward the total number of seeds for Stern, so don’t be confused by the Mokoko Seed count in your map. You can make your way to the seed from any entrance.

Once you reach the seed, simply walk up to it to collect it. Once you have the Mokoko Seed in Stern Underground, resurface and collect the rest of the seeds in Stern.

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