In keeping with the large part of Lost Ark’s Feiton continent, the Ruined Castle is a dark and foreboding dungeon packed with demons—but it is also well stocked with 10 Mokoko Seeds. Most of them are relatively easy to find, but some are a bit tricky to get your hands on. So where are all Mokoko Seed locations in Ruined Castle in Lost Ark?

Where to find all Mokoko Seeds in Oreha’s Well in Lost Ark

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The first map you arrive on is the Old Castle Outskirts. Climb the chain and walk up the stairs into the first room, where you’ll see a piano in the center. Investigate the bookshelves, and you’ll then be able to activate the piano. The first Mokoko Seed is hidden under the piano (red circle). Once you’ve activated the piano, you can go back down the chain to where you came in. Do so, then go back to the wharf you arrived on. You can now operate a lever at the orange triangle. Do so, and you’ll be allowed to go back onto the boat. This takes you to a large secret area where you will find the Mokoko Seeds marked with orange circles.

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The rest of the Mokoko Seeds are on the second map, The Castle Centre. All the Mokoko Seeds in yellow circles are in plain sight on the map. You can access the one in the blur circle by following a long path down some stairs that start at the blue triangle. There are no Mokoko Seeds on the Top Floor of Castle Centre, so you do not need to defeat the boss to complete your Mokoko Seed collection for the Ruined Castle.

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