Lost Ark is full of collectibles, and none are more numerous than Mokoko Seeds. These are spread out all over the world of Lost Ark, divided into different continents and the areas within them.

The first continent, Rethramis, contains many Mokoko Seeds. Most are in plain sight, but some are hidden behind secret paths or require another method to get there. Here are all the Mokoko Seeds in Rethramis in Lost Ark.

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Where to find Mokoko Seeds in Rethramis in Lost Ark

The Rethramis continent houses four different areas and three dungeons. Each of these has several Mokoko Seeds to collect. Therefore, we have compiled a list of all areas and dungeons in Rethramis and where to find the Mokoko Seeds in each location.

  • Prideholme
  • Loghill
  • Ankumo Mountain
  • Rethramis Border
  • Toxiclaw Cavern
  • Aquilok’s Head
  • Aquilok’s Tail

Use these guides to complete your Mokoko Seed collection in Rethramis. Mokoko Seeds are just one of many different collectibles, so happy hunting out there!

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