Mokoko Seeds are one of the most abundant Lost Ark collectibles and can be found just about anywhere. If you’ve played through any of the game, there’s a good chance that you’ve already come across a few. The seeds resemble small fruits and are green in color. When found, Mokoko seeds glow. There are nine Mokoko Seeds to seek out and collect in Nia Village which is located in Punika within the Proycon Sea. Once you have reached Tier 3 and have an Item Level of at least 1100, you will have access to the entirety of the continent of Punika. All of the Mokoko Seed locations are shown below and are circled in red.

Where to find all Mokoko Seeds in Nia Village in Lost Ark

Screenshot via Lost Ark Codex

There are a few things that you need to watch out for in this area. The Mokoko seed in the northeast requires you to have Punika Resin in your inventory. Then, the seed in the north requires you to have learned the Song of Harmony. The seed in the far north requires you to take a raft as well as go through a zone change portal where the seed will be located.

Once you’ve found all nine, you will be one step closer to completing your entire Mokoko collection!

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