When playing Lost Ark, you’ll notice that there are a lot of collectibles for you to find. One of these collectibles is called Mokoko seeds. They are a little tricky to find but once you do, they glow a bright, fluorescent green. There are nine Mokoko seeds for you to find in Hall of Promise on the continent of Yorn.

In order to gain access to the continent of Yorn, you need to have reached Tier 2 and have an Item Level of at least 600. All of the Mokoko Seed locations are shown below and are circled in red.

Where to find all Mokoko Seeds in Hall of Promise in Lost Ark

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

You’ll need to ensure that you have the Romantic Weapon song in your inventory before trying to collect the seeds in the south and southwest. When you reach the seed in the far south corner, you’ll need to have the item Kilkur Beer as well as a Courage level of at least 300 and Amazing Rum for a seed in the northwest.

Once you’ve found all nine, you’ll be that much closer to completing your collection of almnost 1,200 Mokoko seeds! As you collect seeds, remember to exchange them for rewards in Mokoko Village on the continent of Tortoyk.

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