Mokoko Seeds are the most abundant Lost Ark collectible, but they are hard to come by. The seeds resemble small fruits and are green in color. When found, Mokoko seeds glow. There are nine Mokoko Seeds to seek out and collect on the Gesbroy in the Sea of Procyon. All of the Mokoko Seed locations are shown below.

Where to find all Mokoko Seeds in Gesbroy in the Sea of Procyon

You can find all of the Mokoko Seeds using the map above. The Mokoko Seed in the red circle does not require special instructions. Just pick it up after walking to it.

While on this island, you can do two things that will be necessary to obtain the other Mokoko Seeds. Getting the Unlimited Golden Beer Voucher allows you to ring the golden bell on the map, while drinking 15 stacks of beer, found everywhere, gets you the Tipsy buff.

The yellow circles require you to have the Golden Bell buff, while the brown circles require you to have the Tipsy buff. The green circle requires you to have both the Golden Bell buff and the Tipsy buff. The triangles are the passages that lead to each Mokoko Seed and match the color of the circle it leads to.

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