Minecraft Live is always an exciting time for Minecraft fans and players. Mojang and Microsoft typically show off new features in the game as well as upcoming features. One thing that usually accompanies this event is the mob vote. This may leave you wondering what mobs are in the Minecraft Live 2022 mob vote.

All Minecraft Live 2022 Mob Votes

Minecraft Live is back and has three new mobs to choose from. These are the Sniffler, Rascal, and Tuff Golem. Depending on which mob wins the vote, it will be added to Minecraft. Here are all mobs in the Minecraft Live 2022 mob vote.

What is the Sniffler in Minecraft?

The Sniffler is an adorable mob that was thought to be extinct. You can find ancient eggs in underwater temples and hatch this ancient critter back on the surface. The Sniffler can find underground seeds and dig them out for you. It may even lead you to rare plants.

What is the Rascal in Minecraft?

The Rascal is a mischievous mob, finding its home underground. Fortunately, this mob’s mischief in Minecraft is primarily a friendly game of hide and seek. Those who find it three times will be rewarded with an enchanted pickaxe, which will be extremely helpful for those just starting out.

What is the Tuff Golem in Minecraft?

The Tuff Golem is a new type of golem that can pick up and hold items. It can also move around, giving it many unique functions around your base. If the Tuff Golem wins the Minecraft Live 2022 vote, this mob will be added to Minecraft, letting you create a moving companion to keep you company.

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