In Ready or Not, you have plenty of goals that carry across every mission such as detaining suspects and rescuing hostages. However, there are several Mission Types, and all of them require you to use different techniques and gear. Being properly prepared for each mission can be vital to your success!

All Mission Types

As of now, the difficulty levels vary by the mission type, with each type having its own difficulty. There is no way to adjust this difficulty level, so it’s recommended you avoid choosing missions with difficulties for which you’re not prepared.

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  • Barricaded Suspects
    • Difficulty: Normal
    • Game Description: Your team’s number one priority is rescuing civilians and detaining suspects. Rules of engagement are strict. Don’t kill unless an officer or a civilian is threatened.
    • Recommended Equipment: Light armor, non-lethal weapons for crowds, low-lethality weapons for worst case scenario, zip ties
  • Raid
    • Difficulty: Hard
    • Game Description: The suspects are highly dangerous. They will not be so easy to give up, and your ROE has been loosened as a result. Prepare for long engagements and a lot of firefights. Practice well beforehand.
    • Recommended Equipment: Heavy armor, high-lethality weapons, gas mask, crowd control grenades, ballistic shield
  • Active Shooter
    • Difficulty: Hard
    • Game Description: A gunman roams the halls, hunting down civilians and killing them in an insane frenzy. Take this threat out before too many innocent lives are lost.
    • Recommended Equipment: Light armor, high-lethality weapons, crowd control grenades, ballistic face mask, mirrorgun
  • Bomb Threat
    • Difficulty: Very Hard
    • Game Description: A bomb threat has been called in. Highest priority is disabling the explosives before the time runs out. Second highest priority is rescuing all the civilians and taking out the suspects. Good luck, you’ll need it.
    • Recommened Equipment: Heavy armor, high-lethality weapons, mirrorgun, crowd control grenades, gas mask
  • Hostage Rescue
    • Difficulty: Insane
    • Game Description: Suspects have taken a room of civilians hostage. It’s up to you to locate them quietly, establish a strategy, and execute quickly. The lives of innocent people depend on you.
    • Recommeneded Equipment: Heavy armor, high-lethality and low-lethality weapons, crowd control grenades, ballistic face shield, ballstic shield, mirrorgun

Those are all the mission types currently available in the game!

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