With the surge in popularity that Final Fantasy XIV Online has seen since its 2013 relaunch, it is home to over 20 million players worldwide. With new players entering the world of Eorzea each day, content can be somewhat overwhelming to new Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, or MMORPG, players. Those interested in becoming miners will have a handful of quests available to help them along.

There are 22 quests in the Miner questline. The missions proceed until level 70, though the max miner level as of Shadowbringers is 80.

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Miner Quests

Way of the MinerUl’dah1
My First PickaxeUl’dah1
Know Thy LandUl’dah5
The Cutting EdgeUl’dah10
Getting in DeepUl’dah15
Old Wisdom, New WaysUl’dah20
Water From StoneUl’dah25
Obsidian RaceUl’dah30
Amethysts Are ForeverUl’dah35
To Die ForUl’dah40
Gulley of WoesUl’dah45
Canyon of RegretUl’dah50
Breaking New GroundUl’dah50
The Same VeinIshgard55
Digging DeeperIshgard58
The Hole TruthIshgard60
Gift of the GobUl’dah60
Thick SkinIdyllshire63
Pedal to the MetalIdyllshire65
Where the Money Takes YouIdyllshire68
A Miner SuccessIdyllshire70
Info via Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone

Make sure to check the Final Fantasy Fandom Wiki and Console Games Wiki for more in-depth descriptions and visual aids for these quests, as they were a great resource in our playthrough of the game.

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