Minecraft Live 2021 introduces another mob vote, and similar to previous years we will have three mobs to choose from. You can vote mob you are wanting to see in the game in the future on October 16, 2021.

All mobs in Mob Vote at Minecraft Live 2021

Glare – First Mob

Glare seems like a very useful mob to be in the game. It also helps players by showing what areas are not light enough, and hostile mobs could spawn there. It gets grumpy, and if you light the area it will calm down. It is green and looks like a slimy ghost.

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Allay – Second Mob

Allay will be a friendly mob that could help you out throughout your Minecraft world. It loves music and it seems to have a very useful ability to duplicate items and it appears any item in the game. It is blue and it flies around the player.

Copper Golem – Third Mob

Copper Golem seems like a very useful mob for every player who loves playing with Redstone and making various contraptions. It could be the first creature in Minecraft that can activate Redstone on demand. Players can build it themselves and the golem will oxidize over time similar to copper itself. It looks like a small golem made of copper.

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