Like previous games in the Borderlands series, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a game that is heavily centered on loot. While most players stick to hunting for good loot by killing bosses and enemies around the Wonderlands world, some great items and weapons can also be found in the many Vending Machines found throughout the game. There are three different types of Vending Machines, Mystical Magicks, Warsmith, and Mighty Knight. Each one provides players with a different type of item or weapon.

All Vending Machines

Mystical Magicks

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The Mystical Magicks Machines provide players with powerful Spells and magical items like Rings and Amulets. With this Machine, it is easy for players to find an item that matches their class well and increases their performance in battle.


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Warsmith Vending Machines provide players with weapons. Whether players are looking for slicing swords or long-range rifles, they can be found in the Warsmith Machines. They usually cost a pretty penny here, but the weapons are often worth the price.

Mighty Knight

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Might Knight Machines provide players with shields and armor. This is something that is easy to overlook in a game heavily focused on gunplay and combat, but shields and armor can be the difference between life and death, especially in tough boss battles later in the game.

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