Horizon Forbidden West offers players a wide array of abilities to master in their quest across an unknown land like Aloy. Overcoming Aloy’s enemies, both man and machine, requires players to learn each of the game’s mechanics, including melee combat, which has substantially expanded this sequel.

We’ve listed each of the Melee techniques in Horizon Forbidden West below:

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Light Attacks

The most basic of melee attacks allow players to catch a human enemy off balance, knock pieces off an upright machine, or close the distance between Aloy and her target. Light Attacks are the weakest ability in Aloy’s melee arsenal but are quick and impactful. Press R1 to activate this close-range move.

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Heavy Attacks

Heavy Attacks are a more powerful option that excels at inflicting damage on targets. These attacks take longer to charge and leave Aloy vulnerable in the meantime, but the payoff is an attack that will make quick work of infantry and stun machines as it connects. Press R2 to use this ability in battle.

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Energizing Your Spear

An unlockable ability, Resonator Blast, allows Aloy to build kinetic energy by repeatedly attacking enemies with her Spear. When Aloy’s Spear glows blue, she can attack an enemy with R2 to apply that kinetic energy to her foe. Shoot the target that appears on their body to deal significant damage and send the enemy flying back.

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Power Attacks

An offshoot of the Heavy Attack, the Power Attack further bolsters Aloy’s Spear’s power and knockback capabilities. Connect with a hit to send smaller enemies hurtling backward. This ability takes longer to charge, leaving Aloy vulnerable for some time. To use Power Attacks, hold the R2 button before releasing the attack.

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Critical Strikes

Critical Strikes deal increased damage to knocked-down foes. These attacks work well on stunned and unaware enemies. To use this attack, approach a downed or oblivious enemy and press R1 when prompted.

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