Lost Ark is an upcoming Diablo-esque game slated to be released in Autumn of 2021. To hype up the game for would-be fans, they have released some information about the classes and abilities, which can be found on the official Lost Ark website.

Note: There is information on some websites which indicates that there might be more abilities for each class. This information is unconfirmed, so we have opted to not include those abilities in this list. The lists below contain only the abilities confirmed on the official website.


The following abilities are listed on the official Lost Ark website for the Wardancer class.

Fist of DominanceUse elementals and release an energy field to pull enemies close. Dash past enemies and attack up to six times as you absorb six elemental forces to deal damage. Finally, absorb the energy field to strike down in the center, inflicting damage and knocking foes back. Receive less damage during the attack. Video
Advent of the PhoenixFocus fire energy and leap into the air at your cursor. Inflict damage when you come down and hit the ground, knocking down enemies. Video
Flash Heat FangRapidly punch at enemies and deal massive damage with a final blow. Video
Lightning KickRapidly deliver a flurry of kicks that inflict lightning damage and knock down foes. Foes knocked down lift off the ground, and airborne foes slam back into the ground for more damage. Video
Triple FistDeal multiple blows with your fists. Video


The following abilities are listed on the official Lost Ark website for the Scrapper class.

Mysterious Art: Blast of RuinationGather energy in the air onto your gauntlets and thrust forward with an energy wave that deals damage and knocks foes back. Damage of the wave decreases with the distance it travels. Video
Crushing SmiteDeal damage by launching up to three shockwaves in front of you. Video
Undefeated Dragon KingFocus energy through your body and deal damage as you move toward your cursor. Two black dragons emerge and fly alongside you as you dash forward. Video
Chain Destruction FistHit the ground to shake the earth. Attack foes up to four times while the damage radius increases with each hit. The final blow pushes enemies back. Video
Death SentenceRelease an energy black that deals damage to enemies and knocks them back. Damage increases based on how much shock energy you have. Video


The following abilities are listed on the official Lost Ark website for the Soulfist class.

Paladin AbilitiesDescription
Annihilating RaySoak up energy and fire it forward as a ray. Hold the blast to deal damage for up to five seconds. A soul appears to deal additional damage to enemies in front of you and knock them back. Video
Heavenly SquashSlams a palm attack at your cursor position. Enemies within range that are knocked down or in the air take 30% extra damage. Video
Magnetic PalmJump and inflict damage in front of you three times. Smash the ground with a palm attack that draws enemies in. Release the palm attack to launch the enemies into the air and deal more damage. Hold the skill to send energy into the ground. Video
Pulverizing PalmQuick dash forward and deal damage. Hit enemies with palms charged with energy to deal a massive blow. Deal 100% bonus damage to airborne enemies. Video
Deadly FingerJump back and thrust your fingers multiple times to hit a total of six times. Deal 30% bonus damage to airborne enemies. Video

That’s it for the advanced classes and abilities for the Martial Artist class!

We also have a list of the abilities for other classes! Check out our guides for the Mage Class and Gunner Class!

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