Mario Golf: Super Rush was released on June 25, 2021 and on Day 1 players wanted to know exactly how to unlock everything available in the game. Because of the nature of the game, there isn’t a lot of secret content, as most players want a straightforward way to access all features. In the guide below, we list all the unlockables in the game and how to get them.


CourseUnlock Requirements
Rookie CourseNone
Bonny GreensPlay 18 holes on Rookie Course.
Ridgerock LakePlay 18 holes on Bonny Greens.
Balmy DunesPlay 18 holes on Ridgerock Lake.
Wildweather WoodsPlay 18 holes on Balmy Dunes.
Bowser HighlandsPlay 18 holes on Wildweather Woods.

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Golf Clubs

ClubUnlock Method
Standard Sand Wedge, Standard Approach Wedge,
Standard Pitching Wedge, Standard 3 – 9 Iron,
Standard 3 – 6 Hybrid, Standard 3 – 9 Wood,
Standard Driver
Received as a Starter Club from the Caddie Master.
Piranha Plant Approach WedgePurchased from Ridgerock Lake for 800 Coins.
Lakitu 5 WoodPurchased from Ridgerock Lake for 1000 Coins.
Boomerang Draw 9 IronPurchased from Ridgerock Lake for 900 Coins.
Boomerang Fade 9 IronPurchased from Ridgerock Lake for 600 Coins.
Bullet Bill 4 HybridPurchased from Ridgerock Lake for 1200 Coins.
Super Mushroom DriverPurchased from Bonny Greens for 1200 Coins.
Mini Mushroom Pitching WedgePurchased from Bonny Greens for 800 Coins.
Banana Fade 5 Hybrid, Banana Draw 5 HybridPurchased from Bonny Greens for 600 Coins.
Banana Fade Driver, Banana Draw DriverPurchased from Balmy Dunes for 600 Coins.
Bull’s Eye Bill 5-WoodPurchased from Balmy Dunes for 1500 Coins.
All 2-Star Super Star ClubsCharacter reaches 3000 Character Points.
All 1-Star Star ClubsCharacter reaches 1000 Character Points.

Outfits & Equipment

ItemUnlock Method
Standard Shoes, Standard AttireReceived at the start of the game.
Climbing ShoesPurchased from Ridgerock Lake for 500 Coins.
Attack AttirePurchased from Ridgerock Lake for 800 Coins.
Stamina AttirePurchased from Bonny Greens for 800 Coins.
Grass ShoesPurchased from Bonny Greens for 500 Coins.
Cool Attire (Reduces water loss)Purchased from Balmy Dunes for 500 Coins.
Desert ShoesPurchased from Balmy Dunes for 800 Coins.
Range FinderPurchased from Bonny Greens for 500 Coins.
Elevation FinderPurchased from Balmy Dunes for 500 Coins.

Those are all the unlockables currently in the game! Hopefully, they’ll add more content with some DLC in the future!

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