Dead By Daylight features many realms. Some are more aesthetically pleasing than others, while some are more practical for gameplay purposes. Either way, there are some realms that are just better than others for multiple reasons. Listed from worst to best, here is every Dead By Daylight map, ranked according to its overall likability, practicality and accessibility during strategic gameplay sessions.

Raccoon City – Raccoon City Police Station

Image via Behaviour Interactive

More recently, Dead By Daylight players entered the exhilarating world of Raccoon City. The Resident Evil realm includes the Raccoon City Police Station.

Given its enormous size, the Raccoon City Police Station can lend a helping hand to evade the killer with an abundance of hiding spots, but its labyrinthian design makes it difficult to repair generators and work collaboratively with teammates.

Silent Hill – Midwich Elementary School

Image via Behaviour Interactive

For Silent Hill fanatics, the inclusion of Midwich Elementary School in Dead By Daylight is a dream come true. For others, its multiple floors and maze of corridors are more infuriating than helpful.

Midwich Elementary provides a vast range of escape options for chase sequences and there are enough exit routes to make sticky situations manageable. However, its complex layout can be a disadvantage for hooked survivors, especially when their teammates must navigate the perplexing realm to locate them.

Red Forest – Mother’s Dwelling

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Inspired by Eastern European forests and primarily an outdoor realm, Mother’s Dwelling provides plenty of open areas with structures therein. For survivors looking to outsmart the killer, its layout is ideal for breaking the line of sight and finding useful hiding spots. Additionally, its weather effects, such as surrounding mist, make it easier for stalking killers to go unnoticed.

On the other hand, Mother’s Dwelling can be infuriating for killers, simply because there are too many easy access methods used by survivors to remain undetected.

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Springwood – Badham Preschool I/II/III

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Likewise to the Raccoon City Police Station, A Nightmare on Elm Streets‘ Springwood realm is an oversized, multi-layered map that has plenty of pros and cons.

For killers, Springwood is a dreaded fate, especially with so much ground to cover. However, survivors can breathe easier knowing that its basement floors and several buildings can provide plentiful cover to hide and regroup.

Léry’s Memorial Institute – Treatment Theatre

Image via Behaviour Interactive

For outsmarting the killer and staying one step ahead, alternative routes are aplenty for survivors in the Léry’s Memorial Institute realm. With interconnecting rooms and corridors, the possibilities are endless for making a quick escape.

Furthermore, killers are given a much smaller environment to patrol with generators—generally speaking—in close range of one another. Both roles benefit from Léry’s Memorial for an evenly matched trial.

Crotus Penn Asylum – Disturbed Ward

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Another beneficial realm for both parties, Crotus Penn Asylum balances indoor and outdoor locations. Its indoor structure can be pesky for killers during a chase sequence, but the surrounding grasslands and wreckage can provide perfect cover for stalking or planting traps.

Moreover, survivors can make use of Crotus Penn’s variety of nooks and crannies to sneakily repair, heal and escape without needing to be caught in the fray of the action.

The MacMillan Estate – Ironworks of Misery

Image via Behaviour Interactive

As many professional Dead By Daylight players will already know, The Macmillan Estate, especially the Ironworks of Misery, is a prime location for performing infinite loops as a survivor. For a surefire method to infuriate the killer and gain the upper hand, Macmillan is a safe bet.

Contrastingly, while infinite loops can drive killers insane, Macmillan relies on capable players to utilize its many perks. For less experienced survivors, killers can lead a chase to a dead end and use a forward-thinking strategy to zig-zag through the trees and intercept.

Foresaken Boneyard – Eyrie of Crows

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Dead By Daylight introduced Portrait of a Murder in late 2021, which included the Forsaken Boneyard realm. For those that prefer it, Eyrie of Crows is arguably the most open map to date—closely rivalled by Coldwind Farm. Few substantial structures exist within the realm, making it harder for survivors to avoid detection.

Eyrie of Crows provides a considerable advantage to killers, who have the addition of brightness to aid their endeavours.

Hawkins National Laboratory – The Underground Complex

Image via Behaviour Interactive

As of Nov. 17, Stranger Things‘ Hawkins National Laboratory has been removed from Dead By Daylight, therefore its ranking is irrelevant.

However, for its short-lived run, Hawkins National Laboratory provided an enjoyable experience for both killers and survivors. Killers could make the most of its adjacent rooms and accessible upper level, whereas survivors could tuck themselves behind corners or objects to hide in plain sight.

Ormond – Mount Ormond Resort

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Ranked by many as one of the best Dead By Daylight maps for survivors, Mount Ormond Resort always features a generator on the first floor, making its unpredictability more manageable.

Additionally, Ormond has plenty of shaded areas for evasion and numerous structures for potential loops. Killers may find Ormond distressing, but for what it lacks in tractability, it makes up for in plenty of space to hunt. Ormond is quite seamless for killers to navigate.

Yamaoka Estate – Family Residence

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Once more, Yamaoka Estate is widely considered to be an advantageous map for survivors. Its dimly-lit areas and crowded trees are ideal for camouflage. Due to its accommodating size, Yamaoka provides indoor and outdoor coverage to keep some distance between survivors and killers.

Moreover, stealthy killers can benefit from Yamaoka’s shrouding fog and greenery and preemptively reduce the need for pursuit by ambushing survivors at their most vulnerable.

Gideon Meat Plant – The Game

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Oppositely to previous realms, the Gideon Meat Plant is considerably convenient for killers over survivors. Gideon features many specific rooms, which can become confusing for survivors to navigate, especially under the pressure of a killer in pursuit.

Survivors can spend more time wandering around aimlessly than undertaking any productive task, which grants killers plenty of additional time to hunt them down. However, survivors can likewise become untraceable within Gideon’s never-ending network of conjoining rooms.

Grave of Glendale – Dead Dawg Saloon

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Another traditional favorite for survivors, Dead Dawg Saloon works similarly the Coldwind Farm. Its bushes and plants enable survivors to blend in effortlessly and become part of the scenery.

Furthermore, several hiding spots make themselves known on the map—making for an adaptable escape plan during an intense chase. As for killers, they can make use of its many different sections to construct a premeditated plan of action. Generators are within a reasonable distance of one another—gifting the foundations for a clever strategy that forces survivors to work on adjacent generators.

Autohaven Wreckers – Gas Heaven

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Autohaven Wreckers, another balanced battleground for both killers and survivors, has an exemplary ratio of open space to cars and debris. It has plenty of pallets for slowing down killers or several alternate paths for cutting off survivors.

Either way, the player can experience a comfortable advantage that contributes to their objective. In the Wrecker’s Yard, when survivors loop structures, the basement hooks and killer shack are always nearby. Additionally, Autohaven is one of the smaller maps—meaning less ground area for the killer to patrol.

Backwater Swamp – The Pale Rose

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Overall, Backwater Swamp is another larger map, but its main attraction is the unmissable boat in Pale Rose, which grants survivors plenty of exits for escaping. Needless to say, the boat is generally the last place that a killer would think to look, but it provides more than enough coverage to stay hidden in the worst-case scenario.

Killers can find Pale Rose to be a difficult adjustment, but some killer powers are extremely useful for patrolling far away generators, such as Freddy Krueger emerging from generators across the map or the Trapper planting traps around the more concealed generators.

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Haddonfield – Lampkin Lane

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Haddonfield is like marmite for Dead By Daylight players. They either love it or they hate it. Despite this, Haddonfield has many perks to appease both killers and survivors. Its many accessible houses provide a swift exit for survivors that navigate the upper floors and windows; looping killers in and out of houses is a common time-waster tactic that allows teammates to repair generators in the process.

For killers, Haddonfield provides hooks along the main street, forcing survivors out of hiding when their teammate is hooked there. Furthermore, its generators have fairly reliable spawn locations, making it easier for experienced killers to track down survivors.

Coldwind Farm – Rotten Fields

Image via Behaviour Interactive

For Dead By Daylight players, Coldwind Farm is the presumably unanimous decision for the best map in the game for several reasons. While it may not be visually appealing or culturally popular like some of the others, the Coldwind Farm realm has its advantages for both playable roles—whether it be killer or survivor.

As for survivors, using the wheat fields can help them remain hidden from the killer’s line of sight and make it easier to end a chase quickly by crouching and stopping the appearance of scratch marks. Likewise, for killers that are looking to patrol generators, Coldwind is less complex than other maps, making it a less stressful experience to navigate, especially if survivors are less inclined to use the available hiding spots.

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