Grand Theft Auto 3 was originally released in 2001 and paved the way for many open-world games as we know them, including many small but impactful features that some players may take for granted today. One such feature is the grace of a map and waypoint system, two features that were not present in the original release of GTA 3.

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Thankfully, in Grand Theft Auto 3 The Definitive Edition, players will find a Map tab in their pause menu that’s populated with useful icons and a waypoint system to help you find your way. Many GTA veterans may recognize these icons, but if you’re a newcomer or just need to clear some gaming cobwebs, here’s a breakdown of each icon on the map.


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  • Safehouses pink houses on the map, this is where you will save your game, stash cars, and find useful item pickups.
  • Pay N Sprayspray paint cans on the map. You can bring cars here to repair, repaint, and lose wanted levels for a fee.
  • Ammunation silver pistols on the map. You can purchase guns a limited selection of weapons at these locations.
  • Primary Objective — denoted by a yellow letter on the map, these icons will provide the location for story missions to progress the game.
  • Waypoint — a black circle with a red compass inside. This icon will appear whenever you place a waypoint on the map.


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Gang icons are specific icons that denote territories belonging to the seven major gangs in Liberty City: Colombian Cartel, Leone Family, Diablos, Triads, Yakuza, Yardies, and the Southside Hoods. Depending on your standing with these gangs (based on story missions in the game), they will either be peaceful or hostile with you when entering these areas.

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