Apex Legends Season 10 patch notes have been released, detailing all changes coming to the new season including weapon changes, map changes, and some legend buffs and nerfs. Season 10 will introduce the micro drone-wielding Seer, but will also feature a few changes to existing characters to keep gameplay fresh.


Season 8 legend Fuse has struggled to be a viable option when picking characters. During Season 9, he was one of the least-used legends, having a pick rate of only 2.6%. Fuse will be receiving a substantial buff to both his tactical and his ultimate ability.

Fuse’s Motherlode Ultimate Ability will now reveal any enemies caught inside the ring of fire. This will expand the use of his ultimate past just damage and will give Fuse a little recon advantage. The change will hopefully entice players to combine AOE damage with recon to use his ultimate more strategically. Fuse’s other change increases his tactical ability’s duration by 100%. This will make Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster more of an AOE attack to keep areas clear. Finally, Fuse’s Grenadier passive can be toggled on and off now.

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Season 7 legend Horizon is receiving a buff to her tactical, but a slight nerf to her ultimate ability. Horizon’s tactical ability was heavily nerfed going into Season 9, but Horizon players will now enjoy a little speed increase that was very missed.

Horizon’s Gravity Lift up speed has been increased. However, the exact speed is not revealed, only described as “a happy medium between 9.1 and Legacy update launch values.” Horizon’s Black Hole ultimate ability is getting a slight nerf, reducing the slow effect after the initial pull. This means the first seconds of the Black Hole ultimate will still pull enemies in quickly, but they will not move as slowly afterward as previous seasons.


Season 4 legend Revenant is getting a slight nerf to his ultimate ability that may prevent players from rushing enemies after using Revenant’s ultimate.

Going into Season 10, players will now receive a “brief slow” after being recalled to Death’s Totem. This change makes it more dangerous to put a Death Totem close to an enemy team and will make healing or repositioning more possible for enemies following a Revenant ultimate. The other change to Revenant’s ultimate could turn out to be a slight nerf or a major one. His Death Totem will now make an audio and visual cue when protection is about to end, which can be seen and heard by other players.


After receiving a major nerf last season, Caustic is getting some big changes again, but some are for the better. Caustic’s tactical is reverting back to increasing gas damage, however, his ultimate will be shorter.

In Season 10, Caustic’s Gas Traps will start at 5 damage, and increase by 1 every other tick indefinitely. This means that players will be unable to sit in gas for extended periods, but the damage will not be out of control. The cooldown for Gas Traps has also been reduced from 25 seconds to 20 seconds. While Caustic’s tactical buff will make his fans happy, the nerf to his ultimate will make him less overpowered late game. The cooldown has been reduced to three minutes, but the ultimate duration has been cut to 15 seconds.

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