Regional variants have always been a big treat since they were introduced in Sun/Moon. As a game that’s set in an entirely new time period, however, Pokémon Legends: Arceus has a ton of them—all influenced by ancient Sinnoh’s terrain, weather conditions, beliefs, and more.

Below are all the leaked Hisui forms we know about:

  • Typhlosion (Fire/Ghost)
  • Samurott (Water Dark)
  • Decidueye (Grass/Fighting)
  • Basculin (Water) – Hisuian Basculin has a white stripe. It evolves into Basculegion later on.
  • Qwilfish (Dark/Poison) – It evolves into Overqwil later on.
  • Lilligant (Bug/Rock)
  • Sneasel (Poison/Fighting) – It evolves into Sneasler later on.
  • Avalugg (Ice/Rock)
  • Sliggoo and Goodra (Dragon/Steel)
  • Dialga “Lord” (Steel/Dragon)
  • Palkia “Lord” (Water/Dragon)

Said leaks were gathered from multiple sources, such as @BallGuyLEAKS and @omaiordeusgamer.

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Here are the Hisuian Pokémon variants that were officially announced:

  • Growlithe and Arcanine (Fire/Rock)
  • Zorua and Zoroark (Normal/Ghost)
  • Voltorb and Electrode (Electric/Grass)
  • Braviary (Psychic/Flying)

Hisui has its own pool of Pokémon exclusive to the region as well, such as Basculegion and Wyrdeer (which evolves from Stantler). All in all, there are over 180 Pokémon in the game.

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