Killstreaks have been in multiplayer Call of Duty games since the very beginning of the franchise. They work as rewards for players who get successive kills in a row without dying. When you reach a certain level of a killstreak, you are rewarded with special objects that give you an additional advantage in a match. Most Call of Duty games have had different kinds of rewards for killstreaks, so many players are wondering if Vanguard will follow that trend.

As it turns out, Vanguard has already revealed some new killstreak rewards in its arsenal, as well as the return of some classics. The list below outlines all the killstreaks released so far to the public. Note: This information has not been publicly released by the developers, so it’s entirely possible for this list to change before the game’s official release on November 5, 2021.

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  • 3 Kills
    • Intel: A close-range radar that reveals enemy positions on your mini-map. It has a smaller range of detection than the Spy Plane (mentioned below) and only works for the player that calls it.
  • 4 Kills
    • Care Package: Similar to other Call of Duty titles, the Care Package in Vanguard provides a random killstreak reward as an item that lands on the map that you must protect from others.
    • Spy Plane: A plane circles the map and reveals the positions of enemies on your mini-map for you and your team. Enemies can shoot it down.
    • Counter Spy Plane: A plane circles the map and blocks out the mini-map for enemy players. They are unable to see your position and it negates the effects of Spy Planes. Enemies can shoot it down.
  • 5 Kills
    • Glide Bomb: A bomb descends from the sky that can be controlled remotely by the person who calls it to force it to land in a specific location. Upon hitting the ground, it kills any targeted enemies in a close range.
    • Deathmachine: A large weapon that fires explosive rounds, capable of mowing down entire groups of enemies in a matter of seconds. If you call this killstreak, you keep it until you run out of ammo, even if you die.
    • Mortar Barrage: You are equipped with a flare that you can use to mark a target for a barrage of mortar rounds. Once the flare is placed, mortars will fire down and eliminate anyone nearby, including your own teammates.
  • 7 Kills
    • Warmachine: An explosive grenade launcher that you keep until you run out of ammo, even if you die.
  • 9 Kills
    • Flamenaut: You are equipped with a flamethrower and protective suit. The flamethrower deals incredible damage, and the flame-retardant suit allows you to take massive amounts of damage.
  • 10 Kills
    • Attack Dogs: You summon a group of dogs that automatically seek out nearby players and eliminate them. They do not require knowledge of other player locations on your minimap to find them.

Those are all the kill streaks revealed so far! Don’t forget that this list will probably be different upon the game’s official release.

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