With Project Star’s inspiration from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure comes a plethora of items for players to find, loot, win, and unlock. These include arrows, buffed accessories, and even some wearables that can transform your character! For a list of every obtainable item in the game so far, continue reading below.


Arrows can randomly be found on the ground across the map

  • Stand Arrow – 1x rarity multiplier
  • Unusual Stand Arrow – 1.5 rarity multiplier
  • Gleaming Stand Arrow – 2x rarity multiplier
  • Cursed Stand Arrow – 100x rarity multiplier (Only obtained in Dio’s Mansion)

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These items can be found by spinning the wheel in Dio’s Mansion and by taking down bosses

  • Boxing Gloves – Increases Physical Combat Style Attacks damage by 15%
  • Caesar’s Headband – Increases Hamon Attacks damage by 10%
  • Goggles – Increases Health by 5
  • Jotaro’s Hat – Increases Health by 15
  • Old Man’s Hat – Increases Health by 10
  • Speedwagon’s Bowler – Increases Health by 10
  • Tarku’s Helmet – Increases Health by 20
  • Wamuu’s Headdress – Increases Vampire and Kars Attacks damage by 10%
  • Zeppeli’s Hat – Increases Hamon Attacks damage by 5% & increases Health by 5
  • Hamon Respirator Mask – Increases Hamon Attacks damage by 5%
  • Meteor Fragment – Current purpose unknown, but found when a meteor crashes down
  • Dio’s Headband – Gives the user 15 HP

Other Items

These items can be found on quests, naturally across the map, by spinning the wheel in Dio’s mansion, and by defeating bosses

  • Stone Mask – Turns player into a Vampire (2% spawn rarity)
  • Rokakaka – Used to remove a Stand (25% spawn rarity)
  • Banana – Unkown puprose
  • Spirit Camera – A single-use camera that allows the user to see all players locations on the map temporarily
  • Walkman – Allows player to listen to Project Star Radio
  • Umbrella – Used by Vampires to provide shade in the daylight & disables regen while being held
  • Wamuu’s Horn – Used to transform Vampire players into Wamuu (Exceptionally rare drop, requires lvl. 60)
  • Red Stone of Aja – Enhances Hamon techniques & transforms Vampire players into Kars (Exceptionally rare drop, requires lvl. 60)

Once you’re ready to head out and start hunting for some of these items, make sure to bring along our guide on the Project Star map and locations!

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