There are various collectibles to find in Stray. Some are related to the story and reveal more details while some can be collected as a challenge. These combine in the various items the Barterman sells and requests. Those looking to 100 percent the title may be wondering where to find all items in the Slums in Stray.

The Barterman sells a Music Sheet, Electrical Cable, and a mysterious Relic. He requires an Energy Drink Can, Super Spirit Detergent, and three more Energy Drink Cans to trade for these items. Here are all item locations in Stray.

Where to find the Super Spirit Detergent in Stray

Stray Super Spirit Detergent
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The Super Spirit Detergent is found in Kosmo’s laundry on the shelf when you first walk in. You will want to climb to the roof first and cause the two robots throwing paint buckets to drop one by meowing. This causes the paint to splatter on the ground, and Kosmo will clean it up. Head inside and collect the Super Spirit Detergent on the table to the left of the entrance.

What to do with the Super Spirit Detergent in Stray

Once you have the Super Spirit Detergent, return to the Barterman in the market. Trade this item for the Electrical cable. You will need this to progress in the story.

Where to find the Electrical Cable in Stray

Stray Grandma's Shop
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The Electrical Cable is one of the items the Barterman sells. You need to find the Super Spirit Detergent to claim this item. Once you acquire it, simply speak to Barterman and collect the Electrical Cable.

What to do with the Electrical Cable in Stray

Head to Grandma’s shop and trade her the Electrical Cable. In return, she will knit a poncho for you. Unfortunately, it is not cat-sized and, instead, is meant for a robot. This is a story-related item and must be given to Elliot.

Where to find Energy Drink Cans – All locations in Stray

Stray Drink Machine
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There are numerous Energy Drink Cans throughout the city. You acquire these by using soda machines, but keep in mind that some do not work. Here is where to find all Energy Drinks Cans in soda machines throughout the Slums.

From the Guardian go right, down the stairs, and directly in front of Morusque, the street musician.
On the roof of the building to the left of the orange sign, underneath the library entrance.
Go down the stairs in front of the Guardian and go right. Past Kosmo’s Laundry, up the stairs in front of you, and to the left of the R.I.P Humans graffiti.

Go down the stairs in front of the Guardian and go right. Past Kosmo’s Laundry, then take the next left into an Alley. On your right jump the wooden beams in the alley with the orange light—it’s on a balcony to the right

What to do with Energy Drink Cans in Stray

The Energy Drink Cans can only be traded to the Barterman and serve no other purpose. Once you have all of them, return to the market and collect the Music Sheet and the ancient relic.

There are more collectibles to find in Stray, especially in the Slums, so why not use these guides to give you a helping hand, All Music Sheet locations in the Slums or All Memory locations in the Slums.

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