Industries are improvements to cities exclusive to the Monopolies and Corporations mode included in the Vietnam and Kublai Khan DLC. In Monopolies and Corporations mode, the objective is to claim the most luxury resources possible and use them to improve your civilization. Once cities own luxury resource plots, the next step is to get industry bonuses by building industries. Here are all the industry bonuses and how to get them in Civ 6.

How to build Industries in Civ 6

To build the Industry tile improvement, you must first unlock the Currency Tech. After unlocking Currency Tech, you can use a builder to improve a luxury resource with the Industry tile. There are a couple of requirements to build Industries. First, you must control at least two copies of the same luxury resource in your city. Second, only one industry can be built per city and resource type. Planning is key to securing luxury resources and building Industries for them.

All Industry Bonuses in Civ 6

Luxury ResourceBonus
Amber, Dyes, Incense, Pearls+25% Faith yield in host city
Citrus, Cotton, Ivory, Tobacco, Whales+30% Production towards military units in host city
Cocoa, Honey, Salt, Sugar+20% Population growth and +3 Housing in host city
Coffee, Silk, Spices, Wine+20% Culture yield in host city
Diamonds, Jade, Silver, Truffles+25% Gold yield in host city
Fur, Olives (R&F)+30% Production towards civilian units in host city
Gypsum, Marble+30% Production towards buildings in host city
Mercury, Tea, Turtles (R&F)+15% Science yield in host city
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All luxury resources count towards your requirement, including any held by City-States you are Suzerain of. If you build an Industry over an already improved luxury resource, the improvement will be replaced with the Industry improvement. As long as you have at least copies of the same luxury resource in your civ, you can begin to build Industries. Later in the game, Industries can also be further improved into Corporations. Building Corporations is the next step to winning the game mode, as you will be able to establish Monopolies by owning at least 60% of all of one luxury resource’s tiles on the map.

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