In Apex Legends Mobile, players will see new battle passes every season that brings various cosmetics rewards and other essential items. New Legends introduced in the game can be unlocked by collecting specific Fragments from the battle pass. The Hyperbeat battle pass is now available in the game, and players can quickly unlock the new Legend Crypto by progressing to Tier 25. There are a total of 50 Tiers in the Hyperbeat battle pass. Before purchasing the Hyperbeat battle pass in Apex Legends Mobile, here’s everything you need to know.

All Hyperbeat battle pass rewards Apex Legends Mobile

All Apex Legends players will get the free version of the Hyperbeat battle pass. You can purchase the Premium pass form or Premium Plus pass for 799 and 1599 Syndicate Gold respectively. The Premium Plus pass grants an 80% battle pass EXP bonus, and it also unlocks the first 10 levels instantly. All the rewards from the Apex Legends Hyperbeat battle pass are listed below:

LevelsFree PassPremium Pass
12x Crypto FragmentShock Jock – Legendary Mirage Skin
Violet Meter – Legendary Mastiff Skin
25 Apex Pack Pieces50 Syndicate Gold
3Crypto Hyperbeat Tracker: Wins5 Apex Pack Pieces
420 Flux50 Syndicate Gold
5Rhapsody Hyperbeat Tracker: WinsDrum Solo – Lifeline Frame
620 Flux4x Mission Card
74x Mission CardSleek Cans Charm
8Remote Hack – Holo SprayMirage Hyperbeat Tracker: Wins
92x Crypto Fragment50 Syndicate Gold
10Mix Fit – Rare Rhapsody SkinNoisy Refrain – Rare Mozambique Skin
114x Mission CardLifeline Hyperbeat Tracker: Wins
125 Apex Pack PiecesDisco Bot – Holo Spray
132x Crypto Fragment50 Syndicate Gold
14Crypto Hyperbeat Tracker: Kills5 Apex Pack Pieces
15Shooting Star CharmShuffling – Epic Mirage Emote
164x Mission Card50 Syndicate Gold
172x Crypto FragmentSlick Beats – Mirage Frame
184x Mission CardOctane Hyperbeat Tracker: Wins
1920 Flux50 Syndicate Gold
20Chrome Chorus – Rare 30-30 Repeater SkinPrivate Dancer – Epic Skydive Emote
215 Apex Pack Pieces4x Mission Card
224x Mission CardLifeline Hyperbeat Tracker: Kills
2320 Flux50 Syndicate Gold
24Pathfinder Hyperbeat Tracker: Wins4x Mission Card
252x Crypto FragmentHolographic Friend – Pathfinder Frame
264x Mission Card50 Syndicate Gold
2720 FluxMirage Hyperbeat Tracker: Kills
285 Apex Pack PiecesDrum Solo – Holo Spray
294x Mission Card50 Syndicate Gold
30Fuchsia Fury – Rare R-99 SkinHype Machine – Legendary Pathfinder Skin
31Rhapsody Hyperbeat Tracker: Kills4x Mission Card
325 Apex Pack PiecesLifeline Hyperbeat Tracker: Damage
334x Mission Card50 Syndicate Gold
34Crypto Hyperbeat Tracker: Damage5 Apex Pack Pieces
35Holo Hacker – Crypto FrameSlide Hustle – Rare Octane Skin
365 Apex Pack PiecesPathfinder Hyperbeat Tracker: Kills
37Common Apex Pack20 Flux
385 Apex Pack Pieces50 Syndicate Gold
394x Mission Card4x Mission Card
40Octane Hyperbeat Tracker: KillsPain Blaster – Epic Flatline Skin
4120 Flux50 Syndicate Gold
425 Apex Pack Pieces20 Flux
434x Mission Card50 Syndicate Gold
44Pathfinder Hyperbeat Tracker: Damage5 Apex Pack Pieces
45Drip Remix – Holo SprayGlowsticking – Epic Lifeline Emote
46Rhapsody Hyperbeat Tracker: Damage50 Syndicate Gold
47Common Apex PackMirage Hyperbeat Tracker: Damage
4820 Flux20 Flux
49Octane Hyperbeat Tracker: Damage100 Syndicate Gold
50Techno Teal – Epic Crypto SkinEmergency Emcee – Legendary Lifeline Skin
Polished Pulse – Legendary L-Star Skin

The Hyperbeat battle pass in Apex Legends has Legendary cosmetics for Lifeline, Pathfinder, and Mirage. Players will be rewarded with Syndicate Gold on various levels, which can be used to purchase the next season’s battle pass. Complete all the Weekly Missions to progress in the Hyperbeat battle pass, and collect the cosmetic rewards this season in Apex Legends Mobile.

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