HP Extract is basically a health upgrade. When you have found three HP Extracts, Rayton will gain another bar/gauge of health, which will increase survivability massively. In each area of F.I.S.T Forged in Shadow Torch, there will be a few to find.

This guide is a work in progress

All HP Extract locations

Old Town

HP Extract #1

An HP Extract can be located just before you find Mappo to unlock your map. On your way to Mappo, you’ll encounter a swordsman and a floating bot before dropping down. On your left is stairs leading down, and to your right is progress. Go to your left and dropdown. Wall jump of the right wall and dispatch of the blue robot, then wall jump up the wall on the left. Next to a lever will be an HP Extract.

HP Extract #2

Upon acquiring the quest to find Master Wu to obtain the Drill. You’ll progress through a new area, and not long after, you’ll have to fight against a few waves of enemies and a blue swordsman miniboss. After that fight, keep heading left, repair at the terminal, then dropdown. On your right will be a vent will you can break open, or a robot dog will. Inside this vent is the second HP Extract.

HP Extract #3

After gaining the ability to break the Yellow Fist Doors using the Power Punch, carry on downwards until you see another Yellow Fist Door to open. Instead of doing through it, head upwards, then right, then upwards again. Don’t go through the door to your left, instead jump above the door and wall jump to the hidden door on the right. Inside the room is the third HP Extract.

Power Station

HP Extract #4

This HP Extract is inside the locked chest that you need the Skeleton Key to open. The chest is to the right of where you fight Zapper.

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