Are you looking for some goofy quests with enticing rewards (like a wind-up gentleman) in your Final Fantasy XIV Online playthrough? The Hildibrand questline offers some of the wackiest missions the game has to offer.

Final Fantasy XIV has a total of 21 Hildibrand quests that open up once players hit level 50. Hildebrand’s missions reside in several different locations and venues. We’ve listed the names of every Hildebrand quest and their places of origin below:

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The Rise and Fall of GentlemanUl’dah50
Back in the SaddleSouthern Thanalan50
After Her Own HeartUl’dah50
The Immaculate DeceptionUl’dah50
The Science of DeductionEastern Thanalan50
The HammerWestern Thanalan50
Manderville MenNorthern Thanalan50
The Three CollectorsWestern Thanalan50
The Business of BetrothalWestern Thanalan50
A Burst of InspirationEastern La Noscea50
Seeds of RebellionWestern La Noscea50
A Case of IndecencyEastern La Noscea50
Eight-armed and DangerousEastern La Noscea50
What Price VictoryUl’dah50
The Trouble with TrufflesUl’dah50
The Coliseum ConundrumUl’dah50
Shades of Sil’dihUl’dah50
Sibling StrifeWestern Thanalan50
Beneath the MaskUl’dah50
Truths UntoldUl’dah50
Her Last VowUl’dah50
Info via Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone

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