One of the most popular activities in Final Fantasy XIV Online is the dungeons. These cooperative tasks allow a party to take on hordes of enemies. When Heavensward was released, it brought several new dungeons, but how many dungeons came in Final Fantasy XIV’s first expansion?

There are 18 dungeons from the Heavensward expansion for Final Fantasy XIV Online. Each of these dungeons has its required level that players will need to hit to participate in these activities. Progressing through the story will help players level quickly. The Heavensward dungeons are listed below.

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TitleRequired LevelAverage Item Level
The Dusk Vigil51100
Sohm Al53105
The Aery55110
The Vault57115
The Great Gubal Library59120
The Aetherochemical Research Facility60142
The Fractal Continuum60145
Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum60170
Pharos Sirius (Hard)60170
The Antitower60180
The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard)60180
Sohr Khai60200
Hullbreaker Isle (Hard)60200
The Great Gubal Library (Hard)60210
Baelsar’s Wall60230
Sohm Al (Hard)60230
Info via Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone

Heavensward came out on June 23, 2015, to critical and community acclaim. It brought the Machinist, Astrologian, and the Dark Knight to the game as playable characters. It also marks the end of the content available to those participating in the free trial for Final Fantasy XIV.

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