Lost Ark is an upcoming Diablo-esque game slated to be released in Autumn of 2021. To hype up the game for would-be fans, they have released some information about the classes and abilities, which can be found on the official Lost Ark website.

Note: There is information on some websites which indicates that there might be more abilities for each class. This information is unconfirmed, so we have opted to not include those abilities in this list. The lists below contain only the abilities confirmed on the official website.


The following abilities are listed on the official Lost Ark website for the Gunslinger class.

Eye of TwilightMark an enemy as a dueling target and apply the Eye of Twilight debuff on them to reduce their move and attack speed. Fire your revolver after two seconds to damage all enemies and apply Eye of Twilight debuff to them as well.Video
Last RequestFire an explosive bullet that deals damage and launches enemies into the air.Video
Plasma BulletFire a plasma bullet that moves slowly and deals continuous damage.Video
PeacekeeperFire your handgun to deal damage in front of you. Fire combo bullets in a burst, then deal powerful kick, then fire bullets in a burst again. Change the direction during the combo to hit enemies out of range.Video
Hour of JudgementFire three bullets in a cone that fragment upon impact to hit additional foes.Video


The following abilities are listed on the official Lost Ark website for the Artillerist class.

Missile BarrageFire 20 missiles into the sky that fly to the cursor position and deal damage when they explode.Video
BuckshotFire a shotgun, dealing damage in a cone and pushing enemies back.Video
FlamethrowerFire your flamethrower while moving around to inflict fire damage.Video
Gatling GunSpin towards your cursor while firing your machine gun.Video
Napalm ShotSet off a napalm shell to damage foes and knock them into the air. Set the ground on fire and inflict fire damage to enemies in the flames.Video

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The following abilities are listed on the official Lost Ark website for the Sharpshooter class.

Golden EyeCreate four hawks that fly around to create a whirlwind that damages enemies and knocks them in the air. You are stealthed when the whirlwind forms which lets you move through enemies.Video
Arrow ShowerFire a shower of arrows at the cursor position that deal damage for two seconds.Video
Arrow WaveSend an arrow toward the cursor position that gradually inflicts damage to each enemy up to four times.Video
Blade StormSpin in a circle and throw six blades that deal damage, then throw another three blades that deal additional damage.Video
Charged ShotCharge a shot to inflict heavy damage and knock enemies back.Video


The following abilities are listed on the official Lost Ark website for the Deadeye class.

Bursting FlameSummon a rifle and fire it three times. The first two bullets deal damage to enemies and pull them in. The last shot damages them and knocks them down.Video
Meteor StreamFire a volley of bullets at the cursor position to deal damage and launch enemeis into the air.Video
Spiral FlameFire a flame bullet that launches enemies into the air and deal fire damage and set the ground on fire to deal more fire damage.Video
Shotgun Rapid FireFire your shotgun three times to deal damage. The last shot pushes enemies back.Video
Death FireFire a volley of bullets at enemies in range. Hit the skill’s Perfect Zone to throw a grenade as you jump back that deals damage and knocks enemies into the air.Video

That’s it for the advanced classes and abilities for the Gunner class!

We also have a list of the abilities for other classes! Check out our guides for the Martial Artist Class and Gunner Class!

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