Lost Ark has been a phenomenally popular online game, with complex and exciting combat alongside a rich storyline. But camaraderie and communication put the MM into the MMORPG genre. Playing with friends, role-playing with strangers, or joining groups to take on the game’s end-game content rounds out the best games and keeps them active. So, what are all the guild, community, and chat social updates coming to Lost Ark in September 2022?

Lost Ark guild, community, and chat social patch notes for September 7, 2022

These are the related sections of the official Lost Ark patch notes for September 7, 2022. Due to complications, some of these changes may be delayed to a later patch. Emphasis (bolding) added by GameTips.PRO:

Social Systems

Global chat improvements

  • You can now write announcements in Global Chat.
  • You can now search past messages in Global Chat conversations.
  • Button to send messages via mouse-click instead of ‘Enter’ has been added

Chat category filters have been added and integrated.

  • Added ‘Combat’ and ‘Content’ filters.
  • ‘Error’ and ‘Warning’ have been merged into ‘Caution (warning)’.
  • Consolidated several chat tab groups such as ‘Loot,’ ‘Experience,’ and ‘Currency’ into ‘Obtained (Consume).’

General community update

  • All friends and blocked players have been converted to be Roster-wide.
  • Added a chat command to block another player using “/block” or “/ban” followed by their character name.
  • You can now update your status in the Friends menu to switch between Connected, AFK, and Offline.
  • You can now add friends from other servers in the same region.

Guild updates

  • Added a guild group chat system – Each guild can have up to 5 separate chat rooms.Guild leaders can open guild group chats for 3000 Bloodstones.
  • Added filters to the Weekly Tasks Guild menu to make finding tasks easier.Can now check each type of Weekly Tasks with filters (Favorites, Combat, Life, Sailing)
  • Removed the ability to refresh Weekly Tasks.
  • All Weekly Tasks can now be viewed.
  • Guild members who have authority to change Guild Skill and begin Research can see the alerts, (but other Guild members without authority cannot).
  • Guild Skill Levels can now be freely changed.
  • Guild Skills have been rebalanced.
  • You can now swap gears and skills outside of Battle Workshop in Raid Match and Sieges.
  • The following changes are applied to Medeia, Slime Island, and Death’s Hold Island bases:Gear set effect is no longer applied.
  • Damage & defense stats will change.

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