If you want to join a fraternity or sorority, you will need to answer various and random questions about greek gods. That said, the following list will contain answers for most of these questions in the game.

How to join a Fraternity and Sorority in Bitlife

To join a fraternity or sorority in Bitlife, you will need to be in college and have high smarts, looks, and popularity stats. After this, you will need to answer various questions about greek gods, answer right, and you will get in. 

If you have trouble trying to join a Fraternity, you can always try becoming fast friends with someone who is already in. Do this and you should get an invite to join it. But if you don’t have the necessary stats to join here is how to get all stats up below.

  • Smarts: This stat can be raised by reading a lot of books and going to the library- also see How to increase Smarts in Bitlife for extra help.
  • Looks: You can raise this by going to the gym and staying healthy – How to get looks up in Bitlife Guide can help you more on this front.
  • Popularity: You can increase this stat by talking to popular people in college and becoming friends with them.

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That being said, the following listed below are some of the questions you will see in the game – if there is a question not on this list, let us know, and we will add it.

Which Greek God is thought to be Physically UglyHephaestus
What Greek mythological character was known as the most beautiful?Galatea
Which of these Greek gods was the god of wind?Aeolus
Which of these greek gods rode a chariot that controlled the sun?Helios
Which of these greek heroes was famous for his involvement in the trojan war?Achilles
What Greek mythological river was said to separate Hades and the world of the living?The Styx
Who is the angriest Greek god?LYSSA 
Which Greek god was the ruler of all gods?Zeus
Who is the most useless Greek god?Koalemos

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