With so many prizes and items to collect at the Manderville Golden Saucer, it can be hard to keep track of what players can buy. Thankfully, we’ve chronicled each purchase the establishment has to offer.

There are over 100 weapons, armor pieces, mounts, items, and minions that players can collect from the Manderville Golden Saucer. Each of these will require players to gather MGP, the Golden Saucer exclusive currency. It may take some time to earn the items listed below, but participating in the many games available at the Golden Saucer is sure to net players some points.

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Halicarnassus Sword100,000 MGP
Blood Sword10,000 MGP
Senor Sabotender’s Blade70,000 MGP
Giant Axe100,000 MGP
Gigas Axe10,000 MGP
Senor Sabotender’s Labrys100,000 MGP
Colossus Guillotine100,000 MGP
Cross Pattee10,000 MGP
Senor Sabotender’s Spiked Rod100,000 MGP
Faust Lance100,000 MGP
Trench Harpoon10,000 MGP
Senor Sabotender’s Trident100,000 MGP
Ai Apaec10,000 MGP
Senor Sabotender’s Headbutters100,000 MGP
Bokuto100,000 MGP
Senor Sabotender’s Bushido Blade100,000 MGP
Khanjars10,000 MGP
Senor Sabotender’s Fans100,000 MGP
Crescent Bow10,000 MGP
Senor Sabotender’s Longbow100,000 MGP
Colibri Cannon10,000 MGP
Senor Sabotender’s Pistola100,000 MGP
Kum Kum Staff100,000 MGP
Heartless10,000 MGP
Senor Sabotender’s Rod100,000 MGP
Senor Sabotender’s Grimoire100,000 MGP
Senor Sabotender’s Rapier100,000 MGP
Mindbreaker10,000 MGP
Senor Sabotender’s Cane100,000 MGP
Senor Sabotender’s Codex100,000 MGP
Senor Sabotender’s Planisphere100,000 MGP
Gigas Shield100,000 MGP
The Emperor’s New Shield100,000 MGP
Senor Sabotender’s Shield30,000 MGP
Skjoldr10,000 MGP
Info via Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone


Bunny Crown20,000 MGP
Bunny Chief Crown24,000 MGP
Swine Head24,000 MGP
Sharlayan Goggles20,000 MGP
Cockscomb24,000 MGP
Coeurl Mask24,000 MGP
Succubus Horns24,000 MGP
Arch Demon Horns100,000 MGP
Bunny Bustier100,000 MGP
Bunny Chief Bustier120,000 MGP
Riviera Doublet3,000 MGP
Riviera Dress3,000 MGP
Glade Tunic3,000 MGP
Oasis Doublet3,000 MGP
Oasis Tunic3,000 MGP
Swine Body120,000 MGP
Ishgardian Gown30,000 MGP
Far Eastern Smock30,000 MGP
Gambler’s Trenchcoat100,000 MGP
Bunny Loops25,000 MGP
Bunny Chief Loops30,000 MGP
Claws of the Beast30,000 MGP
Gambler’s Gloves30,000 MGP
Bunny Tights30,000 MGP
Bunny Chief Tights36,000 MGP
Riviera Slops1,000 MGP
Glade Slops1,000 MGP
Oasis Halftrews1,000 MGP
Oasis Sarouel1,000 MGP
Gambler’s Trousers40,000 MGP
Bunny Pumps25,000 MGP
Bunny Chief Pumps30,000 MGP
Glade Shoes1,000 MGP
Ishigardian Thighboots30,000 MGP
Gambler’s Boots30,000 MGP
Info via Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone


Gold Saucer Chandelier3,000 MGP
Crystal Tower Striker300,000 MGP
Monster Toss Machine300,000 MGP
Cuff-a-Cur Machine300,000 MGP
Stuffed Sabotender2,000 MGP
Aetherolectric Guitar3,000 MGP
Gambler Barding20,000 MGP
Mandervillian Barding150,000 MGP
Gold Paper Parasol200,000 MGP
Angel Wings500,000 MGP
Ballroom Etiquette – The Thavnairian Dance80,000 MGP
Ballroom Etiquette – The Gold Dance80,000 MGP
Ballroom Etiquette – Pursuing Happiness20,000 MGP
Ballroom Etiquette – The Bee’s Knees80,000 MGP
Modern Aesthetics – Ponytails8,000 MGP
Modern Aesthetics – Curls9,600 MGP
Modern Aesthetics – Lexen-tails50,000 MGP
Modern Aesthetics – Great Lengths30,000 MGP
Black Coeurl (Minion)20,000 MGP
Zu Hatchling (Minion)10,000 MGP
Heavy Hatchling (Minion)20,000 MGP
Water Imp (Minion)10,000 MGP
Wind-up Nero tol Scaeva (Minion)30,000 MGP
Piggy (Minion)30,000 MGP
Unlucky Rabbit (Minion)30,000 MGP
Adamantoise Whistle200,000 MGP
Fenrir Horn1,000,000 MGP
Archon Throne750,000 MGP
Korpokkur Kolossus Horn750,000 MGP
Typhon Horn750,000 MGP
Sabotender Emperador Horn2,000,000 MGP
A Cold Wind Orchestrion Roll5,000 MGP
Four-sided Circle Orchestrion Roll10,000 MGP
Sport of Kings Orchestrion Roll15,000 MGP
Agent of Inquiry Orchestrion Roll30,000 MGP
Torn from the Heavens Orchestrion Roll50,000 MGP
Battle to the Death – Heavensward Orchestrion Roll20,000 MGP
Battle Theme 1.x Orchestrion Roll20,000 MGP
Tempest Orchestrion Roll30,000 MGP
Spiral Orchestrion Roll30,000 MGP
Triumph Orchestrion Roll50,000 MGP
Revenge Twofold Orchestrion Roll50,000 MGP
Rise of Heroes (Chiptune Version) Orchestrion Roll50,000 MGP
Game Theory Orchestrion Roll30,000 MGP
Vamo’ alla Flamenco Orchestrion Roll50,000 MGP
A Fine Death Orchestrion Roll50,000 MGP
Info via Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone

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