There is a lot to do in Tower of Fantasy, and all the activities, weapons, characters, and resources can be confusing. One that is very important is Gold Nuclei. This resource can be exchanged for characters, weapons, and more. This may leave you wondering where to find Gold Nucleus, especially in the starting area Astra in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to find all Gold Nucleus in Astra in Tower of Fantasy

So far, we have found a total of 22 Gold Nucleus in the starting area, Astra, in Tower of Fantasy. These locations are marked by the red stars in the image below. Some Gold Nucleus are found by solving Chowchow puzzles, Tar Pits, bosses, floating in the air, Supply Pods, and simple puzzles.

Some Supply Pods will be locked until repaired, and the two puzzles will light up the platforms once you step on them. Collecting Gold Nucleus will also contribute to your exploration of Astra. Please let us know if you find a Gold Nucleus we missed so we can update our map. Here are all Astra Gold Nucleus locations in Tower of Fantasy.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

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