Ghost Hunters Corp is a game available on Steam where up to four players can work together to investigate paranormal entities in haunted locations. There are several kinds of ghosts (called entities in the game) for players to investigate. We have a complete list of the Entities in the game listed below, along with a quick description of what each ghost does.

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  • Shadow: A silhouette that is usually completely black. It tries to extinguish lights if it can. Because they prefer the dark, it may be hard to see them.
  • Poltergeist: A translucent green entity that likes to play with objects around it. It hates any objects that players handle or move.
  • Revenant: A full-bodied, physical Entity. It cannot stand up completely. It will crawl to chase you and try to steal your vital essence.
  • Child: It may look like a young child in pajamas or like an older teenager. The teenager is hard to distinguish from other Entities except in its behavior.
  • Demon: The demon is the only Entity that will laugh at you. It is a very aggressive Entity and will constantly be near you to attack, but it tries to stay out of sight.

That is the complete list of ghosts in Ghost Hunters Corp. However, this game is still being developed, so it’s possible for more to be added to the list in the future!

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