In Phasmophobia, you are tasked with investigating paranormal activity at haunted locations. One of the most difficult parts of investigating these locations (apart from the impending doom) is sorting through the evidence to determine what kind of ghost is haunting it. With this guide, we provide a full, easy-to-understand view of what Ghost type you should select based on the evidence you find.

There is a simple trick to understanding the table below: In the header, it says one piece of evidence or another. That’s because these types of evidence would replace the other one when determining between the two possibilities. For example, if you find Freezing Temperatures and Fingerprints, the last piece of evidence will tell you if you’re looking at a Hantu or a Jinn depending on if you find a Ghost Orb or EMF Level 5.

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Ghost TypeFingerprintsEMF Level 5
Ghost Orb
Freezing Temperatures
Spirit Box
D.O.T.S. Projector
Ghost Writing
BansheeFingerprintsGhost OrbN/AD.O.T.S.
DemonFingerprintsN/AFreezing TemperaturesGhost Writing
GoryoFingerprintsEMF Level 5N/AD.O.T.S.
HantuFingerprintsGhost OrbFreezing TemperaturesN/A
JinnFingerprintsEMF Level 5Freezing TemperaturesN/A
MareN/AGhost OrbSpirit BoxGhost Writing
MylingFingerprintsEMF Level 5N/AGhost Writing
OniN/AEMF Level 5Freezing TemperaturesD.O.T.S.
PhantomFingerprintsN/ASpirit BoxD.O.T.S.
PoltergeistFingerprintsN/ASpirit BoxGhost Writing
RevenantN/AGhost OrbFreezing TemperaturesGhost Writing
ShadeN/AEMF Level 5Freezing TemperaturesGhost Writing
SpiritN/AEMF Level 5Spirit BoxGhost Writing
WraithN/AEMF Level 5Spirit BoxD.O.T.S.
YokaiN/AGhost OrbSpirit BoxD.O.T.S.
YureiN/AGhost OrbFreezing TemperaturesD.O.T.S.

Rather than sorting through your gear in the game, this helpful table above can be used as a checklist! Once you have three pieces of evidence, you can quickly determine which ghost is haunting the area.

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