Overwatch 2 has a number of gameplay changes when compared to the first game in an attempt to balance the game more. These changes give every Hero in the game a Passive unique to their Class and new incentives for playing each of them. Generally, while there aren’t many changes to gameplay, there are a number of specific Hero changes. These are all the gameplay changes in Overwatch 2.

All Gameplay changes in Overwatch 2

Several gameplay changes are present in every game mode of Overwatch 2 that apply to every Hero in the game. There are a number of changes made to individual classes such as the changes made to Tank Heroes, but these are the broader changes in the game that apply to every game mode. This is everything that has changed when compared to the first game:

  • Ultimate Charge
    • Players retain 30% of their Ultimate charge when switching Heroes.
    • Attacking Tanks will provide 50% less Ultimate charge.
    • Attacking characters with Overhealth will provide 50% less Ultimate charge.
  • Class Changes
    • All Damage Heroes gain a 25% movement and reload speed buff for 2.5 seconds whenever they eliminate an enemy player. This buff does not stack but will be refreshed after each elimination.
    • All Tanks have 30% increased knockback resistance.
    • All Supports heal 15 HP per second after not taking damage for 1.5 seconds.

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  • General Changes
    • All forms of increased Health or Armor from abilities are classified as Overhealth.
    • Armor health reduces all incoming damage by 30%.
    • The last attack against Armor will have its damage reduced based on how much the overall damage is.

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