Kirby and the Forgotten Land features loads of collectibles called Gacha Figures. These toys are obtained from finding Gacha Capsules while exploring the game’s stages. After completing a stage, these Capsules open to unveil a random Figure.

Where to find all Gacha Capsules in Metro on Ice

In Metro on Ice, the second stage in Winter Horns, players have the ability to retrieve four Gacha Capsules. Here is how to find each of them.

Gacha Capsule #1

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This stage’s first Gacha Capsule is hiding behind a partition under a stack of wooden crates. Burst open the crates to obtain it.

Gacha Capsule #2

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The second Gacha Capsule can be found by first smacking two nails in a wall, one being on the front and the other higher up on its right side.

Gacha Capsule #3

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Before gaining access to the third Gacha Capsule, players will need to climb up a set of moving stairs to where a traffic cone is lying on the ground. Inhale the traffic cone to use the Cone Mouth Mouthful Mode.

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While in this form, Kirby can jump on top of a stack of metal crates. Press the B Button while on top to spike down on the crates, revealing a blue star switch. After pressing the switch, a platform will move away and grant access to a crack in the ice. Slam down on this crack to acquire the Gacha Capsule.

Gacha Capsule #4

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For the last Gacha Capsule of the stage, players must again slam down on a crack in the ice not too far from the last. Be sure not to miss this one, as a large moving platform must move out of the way before it will come into view. Once inside, break open the leaky pipe and ride the stream upward to the next platform.

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Continue along this path until a shipping container with boxes stacked inside appears. The Capsule can be spotted sitting behind the boxes.

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