There are tons of side missions in Far Cry 6, some of these are called Yaran Stories, and one of them is called Paint the Town, which involves mangling 12 Gabriel Statues all over Esperanza.

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The game gives you no waypoint to these statue locations, and with the overwhelming military presence in the central capital city, getting around is not easy. Use the blue secret guerilla paths to get around the city in relative safety.

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You must deface all 12 statues to complete the Yaran Story. After you have accepted the story, all you need to do is go up to one of these statues and press the button prompt that appears. Be careful, as if anyone sees you doing this, all enemies in the area will be automatically hostile towards you.

Once all have been defaced, return to Zenia Zayas, and as payment for your services, she will become one of the eight Bandido Leaders for your Bandido Operations, and also a yellow paint bucket charm.

The Gabriel Statues are tall, rectangle statues with a bust sitting on top. Check the image below to see what you are looking for.

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