The Apex Legends Monsters Within event has kicked off, adding new cosmetics, a new Arenas map, and new event challenges to complete. The event challenge will reward points on the free prize tracker.

The free prizes for the Monsters Within event include 30 Battle Pass stars, a loading screen, a rare apex pack, 50 Crafting Metals, three Holosprays, and an Event Badge.

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The event challenges include:

  • Playing matches of any mode.
  • Getting knockdowns in Arenas.
  • Winning matches of Arenas.
  • Dealing damage in Battle Royale.
  • Getting top 10 finishes in Battle Royale.

The challenges range in point rewards but typically are worth 100 or 200 points for the challenge.

Screengrab via Pro Game Guides

The Holosprays in the free rewards are for Caustic, Revenant, and Bloodhound and are based on the themed skins in the event. The free reward also features a Monsters Within badge that players can earn by playing 20 Arenas games during week 1 of the event.

Two of the daily challenges currently display “Play 2 matches of Shadow Royale” and “Kill 2 enemies in Shadow Royale”. This appears to be a bug since Shadow Royale isn’t available. It could mean that the LTM could make an appearance in week two of the event. Shadow Royale was available for the Halloween event last year as a mode that featured players respawning as “shadows” much like Revenant’s ultimate totem.

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