Working with thousands of players to contribute to the efforts of an unending online war sounds like fun, but what really matters is that your work is recognized. By leveling up and improving your rank you can obtain greater privileges, like creating squads and regiments. Here’s every rank and level in Foxhole as well as how you can climb the military ladder.

How to increase Ranks in Foxhole

In order to reach the next available rank, you must first reach a specific number of commendations. These are given by other players as a reward for a task well done. This includes killing enemies, healing allies, building structures for your team, destroying the enemy’s buildings, gathering resources, and supplying necessary items to bases.

Commendations are the only way to advance ranks, but you can receive an unlimited amount of commendations per day.

How to level up in Foxhole

Levels are different from Ranks. Instead of relying upon other players, you level up by performing actions like gathering resources and killing enemies. Performing in-game activities will give you experience, which will help boost your level.

Every Rank in Foxhole

  • None – zero commends
  • Pte (Private) – one commend
  • LCpl (Lance Corporal) – four commends
  • Cpl (Corporal) – eight commends
  • Sgt (Sergeant) – 20 commends
  • SSgt (Staff Sergeant) – 50 commends
  • WO2 (Warrant Officer 2) – 100 commends
  • WO1 (Warrant Officer 1) – 150 commends
  • OCdt (Officer Cadet) – 200 commends
  • 2Lt (Second Lieutenant) – 500 commends
  • Lt (Lieutenant) – 800 commends
  • Capt (Captain) – 1200 commends
  • Maj (Major) – 1800 commends
  • Lt Col (Lieutenant Colonel) 2700 commends
  • Col (Colonel) – 3900 commends
  • Brig (Brigadier) 5900 commends
  • Maj Gen (Major General) – 8900 commends
  • Lt Gen (Lieutenant General) – 13400 commends
  • Gen (General) – 19900 commends
  • FM (Field Marshal) – 29900 commends

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