As a part of the Fortnitemares even for 2021, Fortnite is releasing Fortune Cards every week that are supposed to hint at cosmetics coming in the near future. During the first week, we had four cards that ended up giving us a Rick Grimes Bundle, a Frankenstein’s Monster Bundle, a Skeletra Bundle, and a Curdle Scream Leader Bundle.

On Oct. 12, we were given six new Fortune Cards that are again meant to hint at what is coming this week. However, dataminers have already begun to try to crack the codes, and it seems we already have a good idea of everything coming this week.

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  1. Big Mouth’s Gnashers Pickaxe is getting a new variant titled Venomous.
  2. Unknown – This seems to be the only item that has not been leaked in the files. It’s possible it is a variant of an older pickaxe.
  3. Masked Mercenary and Costumed Corporal will be released in the Tricks and Treats set.
  4. Gummy Fishstick will be released, along with the Delicious Fishes set.
  5. While it’s not in the files, this card is believed to be Kaws. Refer to Shiina’s Tweet for more information.
  6. This one is a bit hard to determine, but the item appears to be Driftwalker’s Broken Fractal Wings back bling, or his Corrupted Tendrils glider. It is likely that this card represents the entire Graveyard Drift Quest Pack.

That’s it for the cards this week! We’ll be updating this page when we have more information on the cards above, or when new cards come in.

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