Expeditions in New World are the equivalent of dungeons in other MMOs. These tend to demand groups of players banding together to clear them. Expeditions feature higher difficulty than other aspects of New World and can certainly be a challenge.

In New World, there are currently six Expeditions that players can complete. Each has various requirements the player must meet before completing them. These are all the Expeditions in New World.

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Dungeon NameLevel LocationTuning Orb
Amrine Excavation25WindswardAmrine Tuning Orb
Starstone Barrows35EverfallStarstone Tuning Orb
The Depths45Restless ShoreDepths Tuning Orb
Dynasty Shipyard55Ebonscale ReachDynasty Tuning Orb
Garden of Genesis60EdengroveGenesis Tuning Orb
Lazarus Instrumentality60ReekwaterLazarus Tuning Orb

Before attempting Expeditions, players should make sure that they are prepared and have the necessary gear. It is also recommended to party up with their friends, but players can queue up for dungeons and match with other players.

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