Anime Story invites players to mine, explore, fight, and grind their way to the top to become the strongest anime fighter in all of the universe. In order to transform into this top-notch fighter, players will need to become exceptionally familiar with the world around them and learn how to use it to their benefit. One of the ways that players can do this is by paying attention to, and participating in, random map events. To learn more about these events, and all that they can offer, continue reading below.

Anime Story events list and details

While playing Anime Story, there’s a random chance that an in-game event will occur every 30 minutes. Some of these events will trigger an alert, while others will come and go in silence—be sure to keep your eye out for strange happenings as you traverse across the map!


Before a meteor event occurs, players will receive an alert at the top of their screen that details where the meteor is set to crash and how long players have to get to it. Once this alert appears, and you decide that you want to participate, head to the crash zone as soon as possible! If you’re able to destroy the meteor before it destroys the area, you will receive a hefty amount of XP as a reward.


Unlike the meteor, Kintoki isn’t an actual event, but rather an NPC that will randomly appear throughout your playtime. When Kintoki spawns on the map, an alert will show on the screen that notifies players of a mysterious figure looking to buy valuables—players can sell Kintoki miscellaneous items for Coins or Gems, depending on their rarity.


Similar to Kintoki, Kisuge is an NPC that players can find on the map and talk to. Instead of buying items from players, however, Kisuge sells items to players. Each time that Kisuge spawns, he will be holding three random items. All of the items that Kisuge has a possibility of holding are listed below.

  • Arrow – 2,500 Yen
  • Rokaka – 5,000 Yen
  • Requiem Arrow – 10,000 Yen
  • Dragon Ball – 25,000 Yen
  • Devil Fruit – 15,000 Yen
  • Golden Code – 15,000 Yen

Flower Captain

Flower Captain is a level 95 event boss that has a chance of dropping the Captain’s Cloth and Flower Petal items when defeated.


Coyote is a level 108 event boss that has a chance of dropping the Cero Essence and Cero Metralleta items when defeated.


That’s it for our guide on all of the events in Anime Story and what they offer! As more events are added to this experience, we will update this guide accordingly. Be sure to keep an eye out on the Roblox section of PGG while you wait, we have tons of Anime Story content coming soon!

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