Whether you’re more of a wizard or a warrior, Treasure Quest offers gameplay, adventures, and fun for everyone on your treasure hunting team! With numerous unique weapons and even a few Easter eggs, you and your friends can gather up quite the impressive arsenal to take down enemies and steal all of the treasure that you can find! In this guide, we’ll briefly run through all of the Energy Blades in Treasure Quest and how you can get your hands on them.

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Energy Blades

There are six standard energy blades featured in Treasure Quest, plus an extremely rare Omega Blade that can only be crafted by combining all of the blades listed below.

Red Energy Blade

Orange Energy Blade

Yellow Energy Blade

Green Energy Blade

Blue Energy Blade

Purple Energy Blade

The Omega Blade is an immensely powerful rainbow colored blade.

Omega Energy Blade

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Energy Blade Locations

Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward answer as to where you can find each of these blades, as the only way to obtain Energy Blades is by random chance. According to the Treasure Quest Wiki, after completing a quest, there is a 0.025% chance that you will be awarded one of these blades—meaning that for every 4,000 quests that you complete. Only one of those 4,000 quests could reward you with an Energy Blade. If you have the x2 Luck battle pass, however, this chance is raised to 0.05%, meaning that for every 2,000 quests that you complete, you will have one chance at receiving an Energy Blade.

Crafting an Omega Blade

After obtaining all six standard Energy Blades, you will combine them through crafting and create yourself the Omega Blade. However, keep in mind that obtaining the Omega Blade is extremely, extremely rare—so don’t be discouraged if it takes a while to collect all of the Energy Blades! Realistically, if there is a 1/4,000 chance to receive an Energy Blade from a quest, and we assume that each quest takes roughly 30 minutes, that could be a total of 500 days of non-stop playing to obtain all six blades!

Of course, the estimation above assumes the worst-case scenario that it takes 4,000 quests to get one blade every time, but we wanted to add it anyway to assure you that you’re not doing anything wrong. These blades will just take a great deal of time, patience, and dedication to obtain! Unless you can find someone trading for or selling a blade—in that case, it might be worth it!

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