The Enchanting Circle allows players to add powerful buffs to their pets in Roblox Pet Simulator X. For 10,000 gems, players can roll a random enchantment for their pet, which can help improve the rate at which the player earns gems and orbs. The Enchanting Circle is located in the Fantasy World.

All Enchantments in Roblox Pet Simulator X

Pets that are considered Legendary in Pet Simulator X get enchant buffs that improve their overall abilities. There are three types of enchantments in the game: Standard, Tiered, and Unique enchantments.

Standard Enchantments

Standard enchantments only have one tier of a buff percentage, and they do not have a chance to increase beyond the one tier.

CharmIncreases the chance of receiving a Bonus
TeamworkPets do 15% more damage working together
Super TeamworkPets do 30% more damage working together

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Tiered Enchantments

Tiered enchantments may receive up to five tiers of increased buff percentages. The higher the tier, the stronger/more efficient your enchantment will be. For example, a tier may increase as such, depending on how many possible tiers an enchantment possesses: 15%, 30%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.

AgilityIncreases pet speed
Chest BreakerIncreases pet damage against Chests
CoinsIncreases the amount of coins earned
DiamondsIncreases the amount of gems earned
GiftsIncreases the amount of rewards earned from gift boxes
StrengthIncreases pet damage
Fantasy CoinsIncreases the amount of Fantasy Coins earned

Unique Enchantments

Unique enchantments are the rarest possible buffs players may roll, either from hatching an egg or spending on an enchantment roll. As such, the buffs are some of the best in the game.

GlitteringPet will spawn gems at random
MagnetPet will collect orbs for the player
RoyaltyPet earns +100% Strength, +100% Gems, +100% Agility

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