The upcoming release of DogLife will have four types of dogs players can play as in the game. Here is the complete list of dog types in DogLife.

  • Street Dog
  • Shelter Dog
  • Household Dog
  • Pet Store Dog

We imagine dog types determine the types of activities players can do in the game. However, dog types don’t seem to include the breed of dog players can play as. 

For that, we assume players will be able to customize their dogs, choose their race, fur color, and more in a character creation similar to BitLife. 

However, it’s worth noting that it may be locked behind a requirement similar to BitLife’s Citizen or god mode requirement for certain features. Hopefully for those who purchased both features in BitLife, will be able to use them in DogLife. 

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There is not much else about the types of dogs you can play as in DogLife. All we know is that there are four types, and the rest is pure speculation. 

Because of this, we will have to wait for more information to be announced about the game. That said, stay tuned for more updates coming soon as we approach the game’s release date in November 2021.

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