HoYoverse introduced triple elemental reactions to Genshin Impact with the release of the final playable element, Dendro. It’s brought some fresh ways to think about building your teams. It also provided a big boost to characters of the underloved Electro element. Here’s our breakdown of the reactions, so you can use them in your teams.

Genshin Impact’s Dendro elemental reactions and combos

There are seven reactions in Genshin Impact that involve Dendro:

  • Quicken: Dendro + Electro. This will deal no damage. It’s more of a status change. Once quickened, an enemy will have both Dendro and Electro applied to them for eight seconds. The only thing that can end this status early is applying Hydro or Pyro to that enemy. Dendro or Electro will not need to be reapplied for more than one subsequent reaction, Aggravate or Spread, to occur.
    • Aggravate: Quicken + Electro. Deals additional Electro damage that can CRIT. The damage bonus is a flat damage bonus based on the triggering character’s Elemental Mastery. Not every Electro attack will trigger Aggravate, as most electro attacks have an internal cooldown that will limit how many instances of Aggravate they can trigger in the eight-second quicken window.
    • Spread: Quicken + Dendro. Deals additional Dendro damage that can CRIT. Almost identical to Aggravate. Once again, the damage is a flat damage bonus based on the triggering character’s Elemental Mastery, but it does have a slightly higher multiplier than aggravate: 1.25% vs. 1.15%.
  • Bloom: Dendro + Hydro. Leaves a Bloom Core on the field that will explode in six seconds, dealing AoE Dendro damage. Bloom cores may explode sooner if too many are on the field. The enemy and player can both take damage from a Bloom Core as long as they are within the AoE range when the core explodes, though players significantly less so. Explosion damage scales significantly based on the Elemental Mastery of the triggering character. This damage can not CRIT.
    • Hyperbloom: Bloom Core + Electro. This will cause a Bloom Core to deal increased single target Dendro damage to an enemy rather than deal AoE Dendro damage. By design, it will prevent your character from being harmed unintentionally by a Bloom Core’s explosion. Again, this damage scales significantly on Elemental Mastery and can not CRIT.
    • Burgeon: Bloom Core + Pyro. This will cause the Bloom Core to explode in contact with Pyro, dealing increased AoE Dendro damage over a wider area. The player can be hurt by this AoE damage just like with Bloom. Damage scales significantly on Elemental Mastery and can not CRIT.
  • Burning: Dendro + Pyro. This will leave a Pyro aura on enemies and deal small amounts of damage over time as long as the aura remains. The damage scales on EM and can not CRIT.

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