Genshin Impact’s Dendro element has been a highly anticipated and much needed refresher to the combat system. Who can you use to wield this element in your teams? Check our list and find out.

All Current and Future Dendro Characters in Genshin Impact

These are the Dendro characters currently in Genshin Impact and those that are highly likely to be coming:

  • Dendro Traveler: A five-star sword user and our protagonist who continues their journey as they search for their sibling. While in other elements the Traveler’s kit can leave us wanting, this latest version is, at least for now, very usable in new Dendro team comps. We’ll see whether that changes as new Dendro characters are introduced into the game.
  • Collei: A four-star bow user and junior Forest Ranger. While her backstory and place in Genshin’s lore is huge, her current kit is… not great. It’s largely due to the fact that the Dendro Traveler is a better burst support than she is, and you can obtain all six constellations of the Dendro Traveler without pulling in the gacha once.
  • Tighnari: A five-star bow user and Forest Watcher. His wit is sharp, and so are his arrows. He’s a main DPS that inflicts damage via his charged shots, making him one of two bow users that revolve around this playstyle.
  • Nahida: Or Lesser Lord Kusanali, if you prefer. She’s speculated to be a catalyst wielder releasing sometime during or after Version 3.2. As she’s an Archon, you can rest assured she’ll be a powerful character. Most Archons have some form of support function as part of their kit, as well as being a damage dealer. For now we’ll have to wait and see what that might be.
  • Al Haitham: A five-star character that’s been datamined as a sword user. His speculated release is sometime during or after Version 3.3. He’s a researcher and high ranking member of the Akademiya. Given that his name likely derives from Ibn al-Haytham, the father of modern optics, maybe he’ll know about or be interested in Vision research.
  • Yaoyao: She was datamined as part of closed beta test one and hasn’t been seen since, despite being the only character from that datamine not yet introduced. There’s no guarantee that HoYoverse will choose to include her in the game as she was in the test, if at all. The Yaoyao from the datamine was a student of Xiangling’s from Liyue who used the “child” model like Diona and Qiqi. She had a Dendro vision and used a catalyst. Again, these details could all change. If she’s coming to Genshin Impact, we’d anticipate her to potentially be released along with…
  • Baizhu: Bubu Pharmacy’s owner who’s presence has taunted fans ever since the Liyue Archon quest. Since he’s always been a vision wielding character in the game, despite being unplayable so far, we’d be shocked if he didn’t become playable eventually. The question is: when? Many speculate that he’ll be released this January along side Yaoyao during the Lantern Rite festival. Yaoyao would be a four-star character, and Baizhu would be the featured five-star character. His weapon is currently unknown.

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