Tower of Fantasy is a game where you’ll have to obtain many resources and currencies if you want to thrive. You’ll easily attain many of them during your adventures, but some require particular focus. This is especially true for resources needed for gacha mechanics, called Special Orders in ToF. You will use many of these currencies to get the most potent SSR weapons and characters.

All currencies in Tower of Fantasy, Explained

Here’s the list of all currencies used in Tower of Fantasy. This way, you’ll know what they do and how to get them. Use them wisely, as it’s always wise to keep some currencies in stock, just in case. You never know when you’ll need them. If you’re ready to spend some real money, you’ll have a much easier route to getting rich in the game.

Gold in Tower of Fantasy

  • Gold is one of the primary currencies in Tower of Fantasy.
  • You can get Gold for every game’s success (opening chests, solving quests, daily rewards, etc.).

Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy

  • Dark Crystals are important currency as you can use them to buy almost anything in ToF.
  • You can get Dark Crystals by beating bosses, exploring the land, solving quests, and generally by being successful in the game.

Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

Red Nucleus

This currency is mainly used for getting strong weapons. You can get Red Nucleus by exploring the world of Tower of Fantasy, but also in the in-game shop and by completing quests, earning achievements, etc.

Black Nucleus

  • Of all Nuclei, the black one is the easiest to find. You can get Black Nucleus in Supply Pods, Dandelions, Tar Pit, etc.

Gold Nucleus

  • One of the most important currencies as it’s directly connected to Special Orders. You can get them by exploring, purchasing them for Dark Crystals, Gold Supply Pods, solving Chowchow puzzles, etc.

Tanium in Tower of Fantasy

  • Tanium is a premium currency for getting Dark Crystals, Daily Supply Boxes, and Limited Gift Packs.
  • To get Tanium in Tower of Fantasy, you’ll have to reach for your wallet, as you can’t get it for free, except in the form of gifts from developers.

Training point in Tower of Fantasy

  • Training points are used for buying things from Points Store.
  • Locating and using Training Stations in Tower of Fantasy would be the best way to get Training points.

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