The free DLC added to Ark: Survival Evolved, called Lost Island has brought along both new and old creatures into the world. While the majority of the creatures are things previously seen by players in other worlds, such as the Carbonemys, Dilophosaur, and the Jerboa, there are a few entirely new creatures. We’ll go over each one, how difficult they are to tame, and where they are generally found within the map.


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The Amargasaurus is an all-new large-sized herbivore. This spiny guy is especially difficult to tame as the player must be under the effects of an insulating soup to do so. Most any soup will do the trick, as long as it offers some amount of insulation. For players wanting an easy soup, the Calien soup works well for this.

After consuming the soup, players will need to get fairly close to the Amargasaurus and sync their temperature with it. Once this has been accomplished, players will simply need to feed it the proper foods to tame it, like any herbivore.

Amargasaurus’ Preferred Foods:

  • Exceptional Kibble
  • Crops
  • Fresh Barley
  • Fresh Wheat
  • Fresh Soybean
  • Dried Wheat

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The Dinopithecus is a sort of prehistoric baboon with a hunger for meat. While they are medium-sized dinosaurs, these guys can be a bit difficult to tame due to their fairly low health and reliance on a pack. For players to tame a Dinopithecus, it first needs to be within the right conditions.

To cause the creature to become passive against the player, players will need to kill off all of the Dinopithecus’ pack members. After killing them off, the one left behind will no longer aggro the player and will wander away. To tame them from this point, players just need to give it some of their favorite food types.

Dinopithecus’ Preferred Foods:

  • Exceptional Kibble
  • Raw Mutton
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Cooked Lamb Chop

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The Sinomacrops are the smallest of the newly added dinosaurs within Ark: Survival Evolved. Much like other dinosaurs of its size, this little cross of a lemur, flying squirrel, and butterfly can rest on the player’s shoulder as they run across the map. These are also the easiest of the newbies to tame.

Simply walk straight up to the creature and give him some Chitin. Players will have to continuously do this over a good portion of time to ensure that they don’t lose their progress in taming one. Chitin is the material that bugs’ exoskeletons are made of, so players will need to hunt some of these down first.

Creatures that Drop Chitin in the Lost Island:

  • Achatina
  • Araneo
  • Arthropluera
  • Dung Beetle
  • Jug Bug
  • Pulmonoscorpius
  • Titanomyrma
  • Trilobyte

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